Hi everyone! In the spirit of my new site I thought I'd add this little blog section. I'm the kind of person that is all about the pretty things. I love pretty photos, pretty atmospheres, pretty anything! I love when an event goes exactly as planned. I really enjoy seeing and sharing the happy moments. I've just realized that really all I share is the pretty stuff and I guess that's really what the world likes to share too. The only problem is that it generates this sort of comparison game when in reality we're comparing ourselves to a facade. So in the spirit of authenticity I thought I'd add a section to, what I think is a beautiful site, of the real life every day stuff.

My word for today...well my work for the week so far is overwhelm. You guys feeling me? I feel like I'm drowning in my life as of late. I'm not sure exactly of the cause but I can think of a few. This is where I start throwing a pity party for myself [insert confetti here].

I'm just so tired! I get up early every day to get ready before I have to get the kids up. I take them to my parents where they hang for the day. I'm at work by 7:30am. I work all day (at an amazing place) using my brain to it's full capacity which is great. Then I go home and work for two to three more hours styling to make extra income. Making enough money to support a family of three on my own feels nearly impossible. I also have (and love) to give all my energy that I have remaining to playing, caring for, and loving my sweet littles. By the time they're in bed I have to do what feels like a deep clean of my entire house. HOW DOES IT GET SO DIRTY SO FAST. I have laundry piled to the ceiling. Dishes in the sink. And lord knows what else going on in my house. After that I get to spend some very short quality time with my boyfriend before I crawl to my bed. I even feel gross! You know how you look like a drowning rat anytime you get your hair done? You know you don't look good in that freaking cape. I feel like that constantly! A short night's sleep and I start all over.

And scene.

Seriously guys sometimes the struggle is real. For me it is right now. Right now my life is not the pretty and fun stuff. It's not the macarons and peonies (they're not even in season anymore!). It's just life. Crazy, single mom life. To say I have all the answers of how I get through it would be a lie. Right now I'm taking it day by day. I don't really have the time to cry but I think I'm too tired to anyway. I know that we all have these seasons. I know that some are facing much worse than I am right now and I commend them for keeping their lives together.

How about we stay in this together? We all struggle. We've all been tired. What's the point of living life if you're not using your experiences and wisdom to help others? So I guess my challenge or thought is make your moments count. Make your words count. Be supportive of those who need support. Keep your eyes open and your heart in tune to see the tired and hurting people in your every day. And don't be afraid to ask for help.

Much love you guys